1. The Captain-General is the ceremonial head of The Royal Regiment of Artillery and of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

2. During a guest night at Woolwich in December 1950, His Majesty King George VI expressed a desire to change his title from Colonel-in-Chief to Captain-General. This change in title was effected on 26 January 1951, thus reviving an old rank which dates from the fifteenth century. The rank of Captain-General had been replaced by that of Field Marshal in 1736 although it did not actually disappear from common usage until about 1799.

3. The Royal Canadian Artillery requested that His Majesty change his Canadian title as he had done for the Royal Artillery, and on 10 January 1952, His Majesty became the Captain-General of The Royal Canadian Artillery.

4. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was graciously pleased on coronation in 1953 to assume the appointment of Captain-General of The Royal Canadian Artillery. (Extra issue Canada Gazette Number 7, dated 1 June 1953.)