VIMY Gala Picture Gallery 05 Nov 16


We are seated


Presentation to the Port of Saint John


CO Major Andreola


MWO Grant, Toast to the fallen


RSM CWO McLean and his wife Shelly


The Band in action


Mr and Mrs Conrad Mead with daughter 2Lt Jenna Mead


The Head table


HCol Irving welcome to the Pre dinner reception


Bdr Britain the Post Horn Gallop


HCol Irving his mother Susan Irving and Col McPherson with the sword


CO welcomes to the pre-dinner reception


HCol with the book committee, LCol (ret) Steve Strachan, Maj Andreola, HLCol Quinn, Col McPherson, HCol Irving, Col (ret) Ferron Currie, LCol (ret) Al Gallop, Mr. Kendal French, Capt Tom Watters


F – Mrs Mead, Conrad Mead, 2Lt Jenna Mead, Mrs Susan Irving, Dale, B – Capt (ret) Dave Eddie, Capt Tom Watters, Mrs Mary Lou Watters, Mrs Tammy Clark, Bdr (ret) Luke Clark

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