Regimental Sargent-Major

Chief Warrant Officer (RSM) Kendall McLean



 CWO Kendall McLean was born and raised in Centreville, New Brunswick.  He joined the 89th Field Battery, 3 Field Regiment (The Loyal Company) in February 1983, completing Basic Training and TQ3 Artillery prior to deploying for the summer to CFB Gagetown as part of ‘M’ Battery, composed of all Artillery militia, a second firing battery under Reg Force ‘W’ Battery, in support to all Artillery courses.  After graduation from Carleton North Senior High School, CWO McLean held various positions within the unit, including Transport NCO, Battery Quartermaster, Detachment Commander, Troop Sergeant-Major and Battery Sergeant-Major. He also held many Instructor positions, class A and Class B, within the Regiment, Divisional Training Center, Royal Canadian School of Artillery and as a Platoon Warrant for Reg Force Recruits out of Saint Jean, PQ.

Over the years, CWO McLean enjoyed numerous class B tasks in support of both Reserve and  Reg Force units, to include Section Commander on two separate SOVOPs with 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (2RCR) and 4th Engineer Support Regiment (4ESR).

In 2004, then WO McLean joined the Civil Military Cooperation Team for 37 Canadian Brigade Group (CIMIC, 37CBG) where he completed all required training to be deployed as a CIMIC Operator, while continuing to train with 3 Field Regiment, Artillery. He deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2007 with the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) on Task Force 1-07 (Roto 3) where he worked in Zhairai, Panjwai and Shah Wali Kot districts as well as Kandahar city as a Tactical CIMIC Operator.  After his tour, he returned to Canada where he was employed until 2011 as Influence Activities (IA) cell Sergeant-Major with the 2 RCR Optimized Battle Group (OBG) Experiment. During this time with the OBG, he cross trained as PSYOPS and Unit Public Relations Rep.  He also supported all pre-deployment training of subsequent Task Forces to Afghanistan through mentoring of CIMIC and PSYOPS teams; detailed briefings and training in Afghan culture, basic language, relationship building, Force protection and more. Other duties and tasks while in this position included: Mentor/Instructor to the Royal Marine Corps CIMIC Team in Scotland; CIMIC Lead for G20 Summit in Toronto; International courses as student and instructor in Germany, Italy, Scotland, USA as well as in Canada; Liaison Officer for Spring Freshet 2008 in Burton NB, where the Saint John River reached record flood levels, and many more.  In 2012 as part of TF1-12 (Roto 1), upon promotion to his current rank, MWO McLean deployed once again to Afghanistan. This time to Kabul for nearly nine months, and back into the Artillery role as Sergeant-Major for the Canadian contingent of the Artillery Training Advisory Team (ATAT); an Aussie led mission to mentor and advise the Afghan School of Artillery with the intent of allowing the Afghan Artillery to be fully self sufficient and independent by early 2013.  CWO McLean’s team, consisting of Regular and Reserve Soldiers, was Canada’s last contingent of Artillery to the Afghan Training Mission.

CWO McLean continued to train with 3 Fd Regt during class B tasks when he was available.  In 2013, he decided to end his class B work and return to 3 Fd Regt as Battery Sergeant-Major (BSM) with 89th Fd Bty in Woodstock until he assumed the responsibilities of Regimental Sergeant-Major (RSM) for 3 Field Regiment (The Loyal Company) in May 2016.

In civilian life, CWO McLean is self-employed where he does home repairs and renovations, tiling, decking, light trucking and more; a business started after many years of gaining experience from a multitude of various civilian work experience to include sales, immigration consulting, driving, and various other jobs.

CWO McLean currently resides just outside the town of Woodstock in Jacksonville, New Brunswick with his wife Shelley and their daughters Kenadi (11) and Karli (8). CWO McLean enjoys outside activities, down time with family and friends, and relaxing at the family camper.